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Lino Block Printing « Andrew Pulliam

Lino Block Printing

The downside to finishing school is that you don’t have people on your case with deadlines that drive creative production.  Now I have to rely on my own inner motivation to produce things.  The upside is that I can do whatever I want, and indulge in more one-off experiments with little pressure or expectations.  Doing some printing sounded like fun, and a nice alternative to the precision-driven mentality of drafting at work.  I was eager to ink up the block that I started last weekend, and was delighted by the process of trying to get the print that I wanted.  I discovered that the fairly blah image that I created became a lot more interesting with the spotty texture of a less complete transfer of ink, but I still haven’t produced one that has the perfect mix of the dark saturation and mottled texture. But the process has gotten me excited about media and the surprises that come when working with a number of variables.




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