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The ex-Y « Andrew Pulliam

The ex-Y

Working with Outside-In to speculate on their expansion into new facilities, this project looked at how a modernist building downtown could be modified as a vertical neighborhood of wellness.  To increase the porosity of the building at street level many partitions were eliminated, while public programming was added.  Units of housing begin to appear above the first floor, and are complemented by shared amenity spaces like a library, a lounge, an outdoor balcony, a workshop, and a roof garden.  The aim of the design was to bring Outside In residents closer to the downtown community, while keeping them within the network of services anchored by their main facility along 12th St.YWCA-Crevice-Collage(ReducedSize)


East Elevation of design proposal, illustrating the vertical spit to open the building up to the street.


YWCA floor plans Clean(Final)

YWCA floor plans(Andrew)-08

YWCA floor plans Clean(Final)

To illustrate the diversity of programs and activities on the ground floor we created a word cloud style map colored to reflect the different categories within the expanded programming.


An earlier iteration

024 copy copy

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