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Why didn’t Chewie get a medal? « Andrew Pulliam

Why didn’t Chewie get a medal?

I came across the image below on Reddit, which asks the question of why Chewbacca wasn’t awarded a medal for his efforts on behalf of the rebel alliance.  Star Wars was definitely an interesting point of reference as a multi-special world, and the movies are filled to the brim with agents of every possible form, robots, armored soldiers, giant slugfom magnates, small furry treedwellers.  Is there a pervasive privileging of humanity over alternate species in these films?

There are some interesting opinions on the web that account for Chewie being snubbed, which include:

“Because the rebel alliance is run by a bunch of rabid anti-Wookite bigots! Give it another thirty years and they’ll pass an act granting medals to all the retired Wookie veterans who got cheated out of them because of the predominating specieist attitudes of the time.”

“Considering the vast age of Wookie civilization and culture, as well as the Wookie code of ethics, I imagine Chewbacca turned down the offer of a medal, the argument being, why should I accept a reward for doing something that needed to be done?  Chewie is way beyond that level of culture.”

“If you watch the original film, almost every role of significance is a white man, most with British accents. As the films progress, there is greater racial and gender diversity. ”


“The reason that Chewie didn’t get a medal at the end of ep IV: A New Hope is because Carrie Fisher was not tall enough to do it and they thought that having Chewie kneel down for her to put it on him would HAVE made it look like there was some kind of bias against different species in the Star Wars Universe.”



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