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Pet GIFs « Andrew Pulliam

Pet GIFs

The internet is notorious for being a repository of pointless cat videos, the quintessential time waster.  Why do people capture and share these moments?  Are they pure entertainment, or does the undeniable interest people take in them indicate something significant?  As I read up on human-animal studies for thesis I frequently come across ideas like “becoming-animal,” the Deleuzian notion of a rejecting of a static identity in favor of the material flux of life, or Heidegger’s “being-with” and “world” as concepts applied to animals.  Are people drawn to an experience of inhabiting the animal mind?  Is this ever possible, or at least a fruitful exercise?  Or is it pure anthropomorphism?

Also, Kafka, The Metamorphosis, The Transformation: a guy turns into a bug, becomes burdensome to and alienated from his family, then dies.  Creepy, but resonant with many levels of human experience.  The abyss of otherness, and so forth…







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