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Searching for Precedent « Andrew Pulliam

Searching for Precedent

Our class is madly searching for precedents to help flesh out the detail and systems for our Spring term projects.   It’s stressful trying to quickly track down buildings that have some relevant analogical value, that also have accessible drawings, and photographs, and hopefully photographs of construction.

Some of the architecture I’ve been looking at includes the early work of Behnisch Architects, German stuff from the 80s, and some buildings by Mithun, a Seattle firm that has some nice steel details.  Oh, and Gregg’s Cycles, in Bellevue…largely because it is well-documented (designed by WeinsteinA|U…whose web site I’m just not going to link to because I hate high-maintenance flash sites.  It took me like a day to figure out that Chrome wasn’t opening it because of the pop-up blocker.  That is just low-rent if your design firm website is being swatted away by a pop-up blocker.)

Behnisch craziness…


projects_educational-buildings_schaefersfeld-secondary-school-lorch_08 (1)


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