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Augmented Reality Articles « Andrew Pulliam

Augmented Reality Articles

Augmented Reality in Wikipedia



A popular app for augmented reality.


Augmented reality: it’s like real life, but better

An article from the guardian about potential applications.


An article about a AR repair app for a Volkswagen Concept Car


Augmented Planet

A website devoted to augmented reality.



This company produces software products targeting architecture and construction, mostly leaning toward the visual capacity of the technology.  This type of use would seem to be the most salient in Architecture due to its heavily visual nature.



This multipurpose design firm talks about what augmented reality means for the practice of architecture today.


Augmented Reality: The Future of Education

An Italian produced video with some interesting visualizations depicting the potential of augmented reality in the realm of education.


Design Boom articles about interactive buildings and placing virtual Ikea furniture in your home.  Also, an article about SARA, an application developed in the Netherlands, and another about the experience of Google glasses.


A history of augmented reality









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